How to get 1000+ visitors everyday from Google Discover

Google Discover

For many bloggers, website owners, News websites know well about Google Discover but they don’t how use it well so they don’t even try to optimize for google discover and hence they end up leaving tons of free quality traffic on the table.

Yes, you heard me right “tons “. If your post gets featured on Google Discover then trust me you will end up getting 1000+ Clicks per Day for up to 4 days at least and sometime even a whole week and you don’t even have to be a News Website.

Recently few of my article were getting featured on Google Discover again and again and I ended up getting huge traffic from Google Discover and also my affiliate sales went up like instantly.

The website of mine that got featured on Google Discover is an Amazon affiliate website where I write listicle post and buying guides. Now just imagine that if I can get my amazon affiliate blog post on Google discover then why can’t you get featured for your personal blog.

So, here I will discuss about the most powerful possible ways you can optimize and setup your blog post so that you can get featured on Google discover easily.

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a curated feed of content automatically personalized based on your search history, search pattern, and interest. Google Discover shows you the most relevant content that you deserve to see.

How to get 1000+ visitors everyday from Google Discover

It is more than just for News website. In google discover you don’t need to enter any search query to see result. Google discover shows you content automatically based on your interest like sports, news, politics, self-improvement, product reviews and more.

How do you get featured on Google Discover?

Google Discover is a feed of fresh content and hence you need to create engaging good quality fresh content. Think of it like a social media feed, the posts that gets more likes and share end up getting more views and response.

But in the case of Google Discover you need to create high quality content and try to share your post with your friends and family and on your social media feed as well. Social single is also an important single for Google.

And when your first content gets featured on google discover then all you have to do is create similar kind of content but unique or little bit different. When google will sees that people have engaged really well with your previous content then your next very similar post will automatically get featured on Google Discover.

What google needs is more engagement and if you give it to google with great added value then google algorithm will reward you by featuring your post on google discover again.

What happened in my case after getting featured on Google Discover?

How to get 1000+ visitors everyday from Google Discover
Analytics of My 3 Post that got featured on Google Discover

This 3 big spike is from last 2 month which is August and September. Google Discover traffic has very low shelf life. Traffic from Google Discover last for 4 – 5 days maximum 10days.

For example, in my case: I have written an article on my 2nd website titled “Best laptops under 40000 in India “. That article had more then 2500+ words and had detailed reviews of each product and had buying Guides as well. And this article ended up receiving 5000+ visits in 4 days

Then I have decided to do an experiment weather I can get featured for another article or not. And then I have decided to write a similar post and that was titled as “Best gaming laptops under 60000” which had similar number of words and quality. And that post got featured as well.

Fast forward to my third similar post that I wrote and got featured on Google discover again was titled as “Best laptops under 60000 in India”. And this post exploded like anything. I ended up receiving more then 7000+ page views for this one post and my affiliate sales also went up without spending anything.

Why you should optimize for google discover?

For every content creator or marketer, the biggest struggle is to get organic free traffic into his/her website. So why not using the free platform given by Google to drive more traffic.

In google Discover feed contents are delivered to people based on their interest, search history and engagement. So, if you optimize your content for google discover then you will not only get huge traffic after getting featured but also that traffic will be totally targeted traffic for you.

And for every content creators and marketers targeted traffic is the ultimate goal without any doubt.

Getting targeted, interest-based traffic not only increase your affiliate product sale but also you will see a huge reduction in your bounce rate as your traffic will spend more time on your content.

Some other benefits of getting featured on Google Discovers are:

  • Increases you chance of getting featured more often
  • Will Increase your reader time on page
  • Will increase website traffic
  • It will lead to more conversion of your affiliate products
  • Will increase Brand authority

7 effective ways to Discoverify your content

These are some of the most effective ways you can optimize your content so that you can generate huge traffic from Google Discover as well.

1. Use High search volume Keywords

To optimize for google discover try to go for those keywords that has really high search volume per month. Those keywords are valuable for google and also for people as well. That’s why people are search for those keywords more often.

And Google totally wants to provide the best fresh information content to people. After all that is there whole goal, to organize the information of the world.

I got featured for those articles which had huge search volume per month.

All of these articles for which my post got featured in Google Discover had minimum 10000 search volume every month.

How to get 1000+ visitors everyday from Google Discover

To find such high search volume keywords use SEMRUSH. This keyword research tool will help you to discover many high-volume keywords. And you can write unique contents based on that. If you don’t have this tool then here is the Semrush 7-day trial for you.

2. Write unique fresh Content

Google discover is the feed of totally fresh content from different categories like:

  • News stories
  • Video content
  • Photos/images
  • Newly published blog posts
  • Receipt materials
  • Evergreen content
  • Etc.

So, all you have to do is write Really high-quality content that provides value for reader. You have to write at least 2000+ words article to increase the chances of getting featured.

Always keep in mind that content is king. And google loves to reward content that provides fresh, unique, quality and valuable information to people.

3. Use Enticing Title for your post

Try to give your post content some a unique title. Make your title such that it increases the chance of getting shared heavily. If you manage to get some social engagement for your content that will helve you a lot to get featured.

Attractive Heading statistics

Using unique title not only increases the chances of getting featured on google Discover but also you may end up getting some quality backlinks for high authority website.

Also always be aware of the trends on internet. Always follow the trend to survive the immense competition online. Do not go against the trend, because if your post-idea is quite old then google won’t bother to feature your post on Discover feed

4. Use High quality Images

Always use high quality images for your post. Your images are the first thing that any first looks at. So, use an image that completely connects with your topic you are writing.

And use an image that is at least 1600 px without fail. Google themselves has written it in there discover document to have high quality images in your post.

In their document they have literally emphasized the word 6 times over and over. So you can clearly understand now that how important it is for google to have high quality images for content that goes on discover feed.

Google is emphasizing on the word Image
See How Google is emphasizing on the word Image

Searchenginejournal literally posted a single post on the importance of a good high-quality image that can be worth 1000 clicks for your post content.

5. Use AMP for your website

If you use amp for your post content trust me your chances of getting featured in google discover will increase drastically.

You may see many posts that are not amp post content. But the majority of Google Discover feed contents are amp posts.

all amp article feed
See max content in the discover feed is an AMP Post Content

Based on that you can clearly understand that google is putting more focus on AMP post content as compared to the ones that are not using amp.

You can open google discover and check the feed. You can literally see almost all the post in google discover is powered with amp because google wants to delivery content to people as quickly as possible.

6. Always keep an eye on Google Discover Feed

As a content creator you must keep an eye on your google discover feed and see what kind of posts are getting featured often. And try to write content similar to those articles.

Don’t copy entirely from other be careful about that. Your goal should be to find content ideas from google discover feed based on your niche and then write better content.

Contents that are more valuable and has high quality will get the chance of getting featured on google discover more often. Use Brian Dean’s Sky Scrapper technique to write better content.

7. Write Evergreen Content

Earlier in this post I told you to write unique and fresh content to increase your chances of getting features into google discover. But one more thing that google also recommends is writing evergreen content.

See google discover shows people content based on their interests, Search history, and engagements. So, when you write new type of content that aligns with their interests of the people google will feature your post on google discover feed.

In the same way when you write a content that can be valuable even after 6 months or 1 year that will be called evergreen content.

For example: My post that got featured on Google discover was an evergreen content idea. “Best laptop under 40000“ is a post topic which people can read it even after 6 months and still find it valuable. That is the reason google algorithm decided to feature that post on Google discover. If you are facing issue to find interesting and trending topics to write on. Then I will suggest you to use SEMrush’s Topic research tool to find some amazing interest topic