Cloudways Review : Do you really need It

Cloudways Review

If you are looking for managed cloud hosting then trust me Cloudways is the hosting service that you need.

This Cloudways review will definately give you a detailed understanding about this web hosting.

Cloudways uses different platforms as their server like Digital Ocean, Google cloud, Amazon AWS and many more. The most amazing thing is that you can even choose your own server while buying.

The most amazing thing they provide is PAY AS YOU GO which no one else provides. You pay for your server usage not as per your website.

Trust me hosting your website on Cloud is the safest thing a website or business owner should do. Why? I m going to explain you in a bit.

If you want to see how Cloudways work and get a little bit feel about its platform then YOU CAN JOIN FOR FREE. Yaa free , Follow the link above.

Table of Contents

Why Cloud hosting and not Shared hosting?

So, as I was said that hosting your website on cloud is the safest thing you can do.

Because in shared hosting you are a basically sharing your website space with many other websites. In that single server with you there are many users whose websites are begin hosted along you.

This means that multiple websites are using the same resources that you are using. Some companies even pack so many websites into one server which leads to slow speed of your website.

And in Cloud hosting you are getting your own dedicated server just for you, no one else is allowed in that particular server. So, no compromise in speed and security let’s be honest that Cloud hosting websites are super-fast.

Now about the security, in shared hosting if one single website of someone is compromised or you can say hacked by a hacker then trust me your website becomes vulnerable as well. Most scary part is you don’t even realise that your website is vulnerable and can be hacked now.

Cloud hosting is a service that exists on multiple servers. Instead of hosting your website in one single shared server it is stored in the cloud. This means even if one server is not working then the rest of the servers will provide the equal amount of high performance. So, no downtime basically.

This is not just me who liked Cloudways so much. Check peoples review below.

Cloudways Review : Do you really need It
Cloudways Review : Do you really need It

Cloudways Pros and Cons

Free Website Migration  NO CPANEL
Really Fast Servers 
Pay per server, not per website   
No renewal fees 
No Lock-in, No Intro Prices   
Free WordPress Caching Plugin 
24/7/365 Support for All   
Dedicated Firewalls 

Cloudways Pros


Cloudways servers are really fast as they are hosted on multiple distributed server. So, you can assure that your visitors are not facing any issues while making a purchase when you are sleeping.

  • Dedicated resources. All servers have specified amount of resources allocated, thanks to the dedicated environment. This means that your sites speed is never compromised because of another website.

  • CloudwaysCDN. Cloudways has its own CDN which is just amazing. With just a few click it get setup. It help to cache your website file on visitor browser, so when the visitor visits for the 2nd time the pages will load even faster than before.

  • Free WordPress Cache Plugin. Breeze is the plugin which has been developed by Cloudways engineer itself to make WordPress website load superfast.

  • Redis Support. Enabling Redis improves the performance of databases. Combined with Apache, Nginx, and Varnish get you unbeatable performance.

2. Top notch security

  • Dedicated Firewall. AllCloudways servers comes with dedicated firewall to keep out any malicious activity or hackers. The firewall is OS level which automatically filters any malicious activity.

  • Free SSL Installation. You get a free SSL certificate for your website which help to encrypt all the request between the visitor and the website.

  • Regular Security updates. Cloudways team update their security setting regularly because they care about their clients. This help to avoid any security vulnerabilities

3. Cloudways Server Management

  • World class Platforms. You have the option to choose your own platform where you want to host your server. Popular platforms like Google cloud, Digital ocean, Amazon, Linode and Vultr.

  • Block Storage. You have the option to increase your server storage with just a click from your dashboard. Without even effecting your previous server parameter you can increase your storage.

  • 1-click scaling. With just a click you can increase your resources of your server like RAM, CPU and Storage without effecting your previous customization.

  • Pay as you go. Why enter into a contract where you don’t even use that much of resources and you have to pay a lot. With Cloudways you pay the amount of resources you use. If you need more resources you can upgrade with just 1 click.

  • Global Reach. With more than 60+ data centres of Cloudways you don’t have to worry about your distant audience. Cloudways load everywhere super-fast and I’m not kidding.

4. Is Cloudways good for Collaboration?

  • Absolutely, Cloudways is made keeping that in mind that developers don’t face any issues while collaborating. They have multiple features under collaboration roof that help developers to collaborate seamlessly.

  • Git Integration. This helps to auto deploy code on the live server as soon as the code is updated in the remote repository

  • Application & Server Cloning. You can literally clone the entire site from your server to another server with just a 1 click. This makes copies of files and databases on new staging URLs.

  • Projects. Are you managing a lot of websites? You can group apps and classify them by creating Projects. You can even assign them to your teams.

  • Staging Area & URLs. Cloudways provide a staging environment which help you to test your application. After testing you can push the application to live URL with harming your live site.

  • Add Team Members. Distribute your work with co-workers, regardless of their location, and assign them limited or full access to your server or app.

5. Monitoring

  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring. Cloudways monitors your server 24/7/365 in real time. You can even see the monitoring stats on your dashboard.
  • New Relic Integration. New Relic can be enabled for insights on app performance so you can troubleshoot and identify issues causing bottlenecks.
Cloudways Review : Do you really need It

Cloudways Cons

1.No Domain registration

If you want to join Cloudways one thing that you have to keep in mind that Cloudways don’t provide domain registration service.

So, need to get a domain from any third-party platform and connect it with your Cloudways hosting.

You can easily get a cheap domain from Namecheap. Namecheap is the best for buying domains.

I know leaving a hosting register just to register a domain and coming back and buying the hosting and connecting it is full of hassle. Unless you are determined to get Cloudways.

I believe that nothing good in the world comes without some effort. So, putting this small onetime effort is worth it because you are getting such an awesome Cloud hosting service.

And if you want to be successful business man or a blogger you need a good service so that your visitors don’t face any problem.

In India there is saying called “Atithi Deva bhava” means “Guest is god “. Which applies to online business too. Your visitors are your guest hence you need them to get a good experience so that your visitor again come back to you.

2. No free email service

If you join Cloudways you need to keep that in mind that the email service is not free.

You need to pay some extra bucks to use their email service which is actually not bad.

Cloudways charges $1 per email account per month which is really cheap no doubt. But if you have 100 employees in your business then definitely it will be $100 for 100 employees.

Most hosting services provide some level of email services through even their most basic plans.

3. No cPanel

Cloudways is a platform-as-a-service company so the traditional cPanel is not there.

Instead you get their Console from where you can manage all your application that is running on the server.

For the first time it is going to feel like you don’t know anything but after playing with it around for a while you will definitely figure out.

Cloudways Pricing and Plans

Cloudways Review : Do you really need It

Cloudways offers a pay as you go scheme where you pay only the amount that you use.

You can pay on a monthly basis or hourly basis. The plans differ based on the server that you choose.

Cloudways offers Between 7 and 14 different plans for each service.

  • Digital Ocean’s smallest plan starts at $10 per month, including the hosting charges. It comes with 1 GB of Ram, a 1 Core Processor. Storage on this level is 25 GB with 1 TB of bandwidth. Its largest plan is 192 GB with a 32 Core Processor, 3,840 GB of storage, and 12 TB of Bandwidth. It comes out to $1,035 per month.

  • Linode’s smallest plan is $12 per month with 1 GB of Ram, a 1 core processor, 25 GB of storage, and 1 TB of bandwidth. The largest of Linode’s options is $1,205 per month with 192 GB of Ram, a 32-core processor, 3,840 GB of storage, and 20 TB of bandwidth.

  • Vultr starts $11 per month. It has 1 GB ram, a 1 core processor, 25 GB of storage, and 1 TB of bandwidth. Its largest plan costs $385 per month. It comes with 64 GB of ram, a 16 Core processor, 1,280 GB of storage, and 10 TB of bandwidth

  • Amazon Web Services starts at $36.51 per month. Its smallest option comes with 1.75 GB of Ram, a 1vCPU processor, 20 GB of storage, and 2 GB of Bandwidth. On the higher end, you’re looking at $3,567.98 per month. This AWS plan comes with 384 GB of RAM, a 96vCPU processor, 20 GB of storage, and 2 GB of bandwidth.

  • Google Cloud starts at $33.30 per month. The base plan includes 1.70 GB of RAM, a 1vCPU processor, 20 GB of storage, and 2 GB of bandwidth. The other end of the spectrum features 120 GB of Ram, a 32vCPU Processor, 20 GB of storage, and 2 GB of bandwidth. It costs $1,290.42 per month

Cloudways Affiliate Program review

Cloudways Review : Do you really need It
First commission after buying
Cloudways Review : Do you really need It
Recurring start from the 2nd year

Cloudways affiliate program is one of my favourite affiliate program because of their high paying and recurring commission structure.

You can earn up to $125 per sale. For the first 5 referral you will earn up to $50 per sale then after from 6-20 referral you will earn $75 per sale till then from 21-45 referral you will get $100 per sale and then from 46-80 you will get $125 per sale.

This is not the ending wait. If anyone buys the hybrid plan that is with the digital ocean or google cloud are or of the server then you will get the first commission of $50-$125. Then after 1 year you will be getting recurring commission every month.

For example, even if you refer 5 customer per month of digital ocean of 1 GB RAM then you will be making $150 per month from next year which will be around $2000 in 12 months of total recurring revenue.

So, do I recommend Cloudways?

Yes absolutely

With literally no downtime at all. Cloudways is perfect for any website owner or big or small business.

If you are a business owner, small or big just go for Cloudways, you will never regret.

SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons

SiteGround Review

SiteGround is one of the most popular web hosting company in the world. Since its inception, they have been providing the best service without any doubt.

I have been using SiteGround for a very long time. I also recommend all my clients to use SiteGround because they are reliable.

On an overall SiteGround rank top among all the big popular web hosting companies out there. Because of its incredible 99% server uptime.

SiteGround is no doubt one of the most favourite web hosting company among many people 

Table of Contents

SiteGround web hosting review

Here is an example of many people posted their unbiased reviews for the SiteGround. No doubt SiteGround is the most robust web hosting that you will get.

SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons
SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons

Pros of using SiteGround 

1.Performance – 99.99% Uptime

I review every web hosting based on last 12 months uptime report.

SiteGround’s uptime was almost 100% last year without any doubt .

Reliable uptime is a must and one of the most important aspects of any web hosting service. Most importantly, excellent uptime means your website is running 24/7 so that none of your customers faces any issues while making a purchase.

Last 12 months average uptime:

  • April 2020 average uptime: 100%
  • March 2020 average uptime: 100%
  • February 2020 average uptime: 99.99%
  • January 2020 average uptime: 99.92%
  • December 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • November 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • October 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • September 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • August 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • July 2019 average uptime: 99.98%
  • June 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • May 2019 average uptime: 99.98%
  • April 2019 average uptime: 100%

2. Above-Average Load Time (673ms)

Site speed is the 2nd most crucial factor among while choosing a web hosting.

According to Google, almost 55% of people leave your website if the website does not load in 3 seconds.

This is where SiteGround is the champion of having fantastic response time. Most of the big players in the blogging world choose SiteGround hosting because of this feature.

If a web hosting is slow, you literally cannot do anything from your side, the maximum thing that you can do is use a CDN to load fast. But a slow hosting is always slow hosting. 

Speed is also a huge ranking factor, according to google. Here is a report of SiteGround uptime and response time.

SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons
SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons

3.Super-fast Sites

SiteGround Has their inhouse technology to make sure that any website that is under SiteGround hosting does not slow down anyhow. 

Site speed can significantly influence both your search engine visibility and your website’s conversion rates.

· Google cloud with SSD-persistent storage and ultra-fast network

· NGINX Direct Delivery enabled for all sites

· Free CDN option for all sites

· Multiple software solutions at server level: HTTP/2, Memcached, additional PHP optimization through OPCache extension, and more.

4. Top-Notch security 

SiteGround comes with fantastic security features to make sure every website keeps on running, and it also keeps away any hacker far far away.

They maintain a web application firewall in which they continuously write new security rules. 

Their AI anti-bot system effectively blocks millions of security threats every day.

SiteGround also provides you with free SSL, which is highly recommended by google so that no hackers can attack your website.

5. Best for WordPress

SiteGround is best for WordPress. With just a click of a button, you can install WordPress. 

Not only that you can also choose to install WordPress and WooCommerce together.

SiteGround automatically updates your WordPress and required plugins without evening telling you. So, you don’t have to go into the plugin section and manually update one by one.

6. Easy site management

Their Client area is one of the cleanest and crisp areas I have seen in any web hosting service.

From the client area, you can manage all your website and everything. You can even install your required additional features that SiteGround provide. 

Their intuitive Site Tools allow you to upload files to the server, create databases and emails, park domains and manage DNS zones, and more.

7. Reliable Email Service

When you have a website, you need to have your custom domain email address to look profession Infront of your clients.

SiteGround provides you unlimited amount of email accounts with no extra cost. 

8. Dynamic Caching

Caching is one of the most important features of SiteGround. It helps your website to load even faster when a user visits for the second time.

We most of the time use CDN to cache our website but SiteGround’s inbuild caching is really powerful. That is one of the many reasons why SiteGround is really fast and people opt for it.

Their NGINX Direct Delivery for all sites on their servers, which means that certain items, like your images, for example, will load faster from the server memory.  However, to unlock the best caching performance and load time on your WordPress site, you need to use the higher levels of their SuperCacher service. These connect your website with their NGINX-based dynamic cache and Memcached service through our SG Optimizer plugin .

9. Free Site Migration

SiteGround provides free website migration for 1 website. 

If you have a website in different hosting and want to migrate your website into SiteGround, then trust me, your work is 70% already done.

You just have to install their official site migrator plugin from SiteGround 

SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons

10. Multiple Data Centres

Where are SiteGround’s servers located?

Currently, SiteGround uses the following data centre locations:

  •  Chicago, USA
  • · Iowa, USA
  • · London, UK
  • · Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • · Eemshaven, Netherlands
  • · Singapore, Singapore

New shared, and cloud accounts are currently activated in Iowa, Eemshaven, London and Singapore. New dedicated servers are currently activated in Chicago, Amsterdam and Singapore. We have chosen our current data centres after careful investigation, as they have proven to be among the most reliable ones. The continuous monitoring, upgrading and securing of the servers are performed by the highly qualified team of SiteGround system administrators.

SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons
SiteGground Data Centers

11.Free SSL Certificate and Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Google chrome has started giving warning to every website without an SSL certificate.

SSL basically encrypts the request that is going on between your site and the client. So, it helps any website to be protected from any hacker or any evil person.

In today’s web world SSL certificate is a must. Thankfully SiteGround provides Free SSL certificate with all their plans.

12. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

SiteGround comes with 30 days money-back guarantee with all their shared hosting plans.

With their cloud hosting and VPS hosting they provide 15 days money back Guarantee.

They have their refund policy that you can checkout 

13. Customer Support

SiteGround customer support is truly amazing. As mentioned earlier, you can access live chat or telephone support 24/7. You’ll be notified immediately of how many customers are ahead of you, and in most cases the wait times are minimal. The same is true of putting in a support ticket through their website. Their customer service is friendly, helpful, and patient, making them a particularly right choice for individuals and small businesses who need some hand-holding.

SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons
SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons
SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons
SiteGround Review Infographic

Cons of SiteGround

1.Higher Renewal price

Ok, SiteGround’s start-up plan starts at $3.95/month. This offer is like satisfaction for your wallet without any doubt.

But this plan jumps like anything up to $11.95/month when you renew. This is what most of the web hosting provider does.

The best thing you can do to get this cheap rate for longer duration is to lock in this price by opting for 36 months.

2. No Free Domain Name

Most of the web hosting services provide a free domain name for the first year as a freebie and many more.

But unfortunately, SiteGround does not offer any free domain name.

If you don’t have a domain name, it can charge you around $15.95 from day one for a new domain that you will get from them.

3. Resource Over-Usage

They have a feature that they call it a monthly allowance of “CPU seconds per account”. In here you have a limit of using your CPU.

If you complete that usage bar, they put your website on halt until next month until your allowance is restored.

SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons

SiteGround Plans and Pricing 

SiteGround Shared Web Hosting Review

SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons

SiteGround Startup plan review:

SiteGround startup plan is the most basic plan that they offer.

This plan comes with $3.95/ month, which has some features like you can only host a single website.

You get only 10GB of webspace. Apart from these 2 limitations, you will get free WordPress installation, and you will get auto-updates too.

You will get a free SSL certificate to protect your web activity and also you will get unlimited Database.

SiteGround Growbig review:

GrowBig Plan is the most recommended plan. Even I will recommend you to get this plan.

This plan comes with $5.95/ month, which has some features like you can host unlimited number of websites.

You get only 20GB of webspace. You will get free WordPress installation, and you will auto-updates too.

You will get a free SSL certificate to protect your web activity and also you will get unlimited Database. Also, in this plan, you will be getting daily backup of your website.

SiteGround GoGeek review:

GoGeek plan is the most powerful plan under shared hosting that they prefer.

It comes with a monthly plan of $11.95 per month, and you get pretty much everything in this plan.

You get to host unlimited websites, 30gb webspace, unlimited traffic, Free SSL, Daily backup, Dynamic caching.

SiteGround WordPress review:

If you want to run a WordPress website, then trust me SiteGround is the best choice for without even thinking. Why?

Because they host their platform on Google cloud, which one of the best in this world.

Google infrastructure is known for innovation, reliability and speed, which guarantees excellent performance for any website.

WordPress instances hosted on SiteGround are amazingly fast. By default, they enable NGINX Direct Delivery for all sites on their servers, which means that certain items, like your images, for example, will load faster from the memory of the server.

However, the most significant impact on the WordPress loading speed is achieved by using the higher levels of their SuperCacher service and connecting your site with their NGINX-based dynamic cache and Memcached service. (The option is available on their GrowBig and GoGeek plans).

In addition to all of the above SiteGround provides you with a SG optimizer plugin totally free of cost to make your site even faster.

That’s why I always recommend my client and my readers to go for GrowBig plan  

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review

SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons

If you are the owner of a business big or small. Then I highly recommend you to go with SiteGround cloud hosting service.

As a business owner, you need Speed because if you lose your customer once they will never come back. In this world of less attention span, every business needs speed.

Attention is the biggest money in today’s world of social media.

This cloud hosting service will take your business to the next level. You will get the following features in SiteGround Cloud hosting service.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Features

  • SSH & SFTP access Dedicated IP
  • Free Cloudflare CDN 
  • Free SSL
  • Daily Backup
  • Private DNS
SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons

SiteGround affiliate program review

If you are a blogger, then Trust me SiteGround is one of the best affiliate programs in web hosting category.

They pay their affiliate $50 for every sale that they bring in. Not just that if you manage to bring 6-10 deals per month, they will pay you $75 per sale.

Their cookie period is also good, which is 60 days. So if anyone clicks your affiliate link and buys within 60 days, you will get the commission.

SiteGround Affiliate program is my one of the most favorite affiliate programs .

SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons
SiteGround Affiliate Commission structure
SiteGround Review: A Complete overview of Pros and Cons

So, Do I recommend SiteGround?

Oh yes definitely 

Because of the outstanding performance record for the last many years, SiteGround is highly recommended to anyone.

SiteGround’s 99% uptime, excellent server response time will help your website rank higher on google. And if your website rank higher on google then your business will go up and more sales will come in.

Just go for the 36-month plan where you will get the cheapest plan and get your domain from Namecheap or GoDaddy to escape the additional price of domain. 

On overall for hosting service, SiteGround is the best.

Which SiteGround Plan is the best for me?

  • If you want to run a small normal static site or HTML site that StartUp plan is good for you.
  • If you want to run a blog or full functional website like WordPress website or Weebly website, then GrowBig plan is perfect for you.
  • If you want to run an eCommerce website or you are a developer, then GoGeek plan is ideal for you.

BlueHost Review : A Complete guide before buying

BlueHost Review : A Complete guide before buying

One of the oldest web hosts started in 1996, Bluehost has become the largest brand name when it comes to WordPress hosting. They are an official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider. With Bluehost, you never have to worry about your website being slow even when there is a lot of traffic. Their 24/7 expert support is always there to help when you need it by phone, email, or live chat. They are rated #1 in web hosting for small businesses. On top of that, they are offering Affiliate Journal users an exclusive 63% off discount, a Free Domain, Free SSL, and a free Site Builder with templates.

Table of Contents

Pros and Cons

Bluehost Pros

  • Dependable server uptime: Bluehost offers a super-competitive uptime guarantee of 99.98%
  • Seamless WordPress integration: it couldn’t be easier to set up a WordPress site through Bluehost
  • Budget-level pricing: prices are still competitive even after the first year, and a variety of tiered pricing plans means there’s an affordable option for every site

Bluehost Cons

  • Additional costs: tons of optional add-ons will sneak into your cart at checkout, and it’s up to you to uncheck those items before you buy
  • Storage: Bluehost offers a small amount of storage on its Basic plan compared to competitors

Is Bluehost a reliable hosting for WordPress?

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

My first interaction with Bluehost occurred in 2010 when I migrated my client from BlogSpot to WordPress.

Bluehost’s easy installation and nice, simple interface allowed me to install WordPress in less than five minutes! You can read more in this guide on how to install WordPress on Bluehost.

The best thing about Bluehost is that their servers are well optimized for a WordPress blog, and this is one of the reasons they are a top recommended hosting service on the official WordPress hosting resource page .

For a reliable WordPress host, apart from running the latest version of PHP and MYSQL, servers should be configured to handle the extra load that typically occurs with WordPress.  I can verify that Bluehost handles it all very well.

In fact, I have seen Bluehost hosting handling traffic up to 20000/day without any downtime at all. (Using Bluehost In-built caching and Cloudflare to speed up my blog, and recommend the same to you.) Moreover, you don’t have to worry about setting up your caching system.


Let’s find out what the pros and cons are. Because you should never put all your eggs in one basket and this also applies to buying web hosting.

I have lost many eggs over the years due to the fact that I didn’t do the initial research of a web host and check all the facts.

So when you are getting web hosting make sure you do your research before you buy. You should weigh the pros and cons of using them and let the facts speak for themselves.

What does stand out about this company is that they’ve been around since 2003 and host over 2 million websites. They’re one of the most popular, inexpensive, shared hosting options available.

But are they any good?

bluehost review

Originally they just offered shared hosting plans, but they now provide a variety of services including domains, cloud hosting, and a variety of hosting options including hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Like every company, they come with both pros and cons. And, being one of the largest hosting providers in the world, it proves many have faith in them. According to the Consumer Rankingsthey are ranked at 9.7 out of 10 by users.

Some highlights from the Consumer Rankings review were that they are easy to use, it’s easy to sign up, and their cPanel makes it easy to install WordPress and is very well organized.

But I’m afraid it’s not all roses and sunshine. There are some major downsides too.

So below are more of the good, the bad, and the ugly of using their web hosting services.


They have a couple of really good things going for them.

 Really cheap web hosting

They have some of the cheapest hosting plans in the industry. Plans start at $2.95/month at the time of this writing.

It’s a really cheap web host. However, and it’s a bit shady, you have to pay 36 months upfront to get that price.

Good for WordPress sites

Bluehost is a good option for WordPress because its new Bluerock platform is a WordPress focused control panel offering an integrated experience with WordPress websites.

Installing WordPress is a breeze, you can either go through the 1-click automatic WordPress installation process, or you can get WordPress installed on account set up when you sign up.

Bluerock delivers WordPress pages 2-3 times faster than the prior technical stack, and it comes with built-in NGINX page caching.

Every WordPress site will benefit from the latest security and performance features such as:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • PHP7
  • WordPress staging
  • SSD drives
  • NGINX+ caching
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • HTTP/2
Bluehost Bluerock Control Panel

Endorsed by WordPress

One of the largest hosting platforms, WordPress, recommends them. FYI SiteGround is also a endorsed web host.

These are, of course, paid endorsements ( at least indirectly as both Bluehost and SiteGround sponsor lots of the WP conferences around the world) , but nonetheless it’s still an official endorsement.

wordpress endorsement

Generous money back guarantee

Contrary to negative reviews, they are sticking behind their products and services by offering a 30-day full refund policy.

Even after 30 days, you receive a prorated refund of your plan. If you do decide to leave you also won’t find any pesky penalties or hidden fees.

Good uptime

Bluehost’s uptime track record is really good. I’m monitoring the uptime of 3 random websites. 4 out of 5 websites have had zero outage, i.e. a 100% uptime, over the last month. 1 out of 5 has had a 99.6% uptime (this would equate to an approx 4h outage during the month).

BlueHost Review : A Complete guide before buying
BlueHost Review : A Complete guide before buying
BlueHost Review : A Complete guide before buying
Security is a priority

They offer good protection for your website. They provide secure shell access (SSH) so web devs and admins can access config files securely. SpamExperts, Apache SpamAssassin, and Spam Hammer are their anti-spam tools of choice.

They offer other security features such as an IP address blacklist, password protected directories, email account and user account filters, and access to manage digital certificates and private keys.

Helpful user support portal

They provide 24/7 technical support. In addition to that, they have a knowledge database where users can check out video tutorials, review supportive documentation, and more.

Honestly a lot of people hate on @bluehost. It’s sad they had a bad experience. Ours was great. 2+ years of awesome service on their shared basic plan. We did not even consider changing hosting companies until we topped 100,000 page views in a single month.

Affiliate program

Bluehost is among one of the most sought after web hosting affiliate programs. $11 million in commissions was paid in 2018 to affiliates.

affiliate program

It’s easy and free to sign up; no requirements are necessary to meet. There is no cap on commissions, and they pay you $65 per referral.

A variety of hosting options

If you’re looking to stick with just one hosting company as your business grows, Bluehost has an answer for that. They provide four plans, so you don’t have to switch for server upgrades as your site grows: shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting plans are available.

Quick Start Plan

For those that have no clue where to begin, they have a Quick Start Plan for $79.99. This 45-minute session gives you 1-on-1 training with a company expert.

You’ll learn how to use all the tools in the account such as a cPanel guided tour, web builder recommendation, theme and plugin installation assistance, page creation tips, email account guidance, and other general advice you may have.

Now many hosting providers offer free training, so some could consider paying for the Quick Start Plan as a bad feature. But if you don’t have time to wait around and need all of this training in one sitting, it could be a plus for you.

Generous extras

As a part of their hosting plan, you get a free domain name for the first year. Also, for those looking to boost their business marketing, they offer advertising credits on Google’s AdWords, Bing, and other leading sites.

BlueHost Review : A Complete guide before buying

Bluehost WordPress Pro

WordPress Pro is Bluehost’s newly launched managed WordPress hosting platform that is optimized for WordPress websites to load fast and to be secure. WordPress Pro comes with an all-in-one marketing center and dashboard, where SEO, email marketing, and social media tools all come included.

bluehost wordpress pro

WordPress Pro is more expensive then Bluehost’s other plans and prices start at $19.95 per month. Speed and security are the main features but it also comes with geeky features such as automatic WordPress core and plugin updates, and regular backups and a staging environment.

Go and check out the WordPress Pro page to see what is included. It’s worth noting that you get live support with Grow and Scale, and these plans also give you hands-on assistance with design, functionality, or general questions from real WordPress experts 24/7.


They got loads of positives, but they do have their drawbacks as well.

Confusing pricing

As cheap as $2.95 may sound, users often do not read the fine print to notice this is an introductory price based on a term of 36 months. You do have options to select 12 or 24-month plans, but those monthly prices are more.

For example, you can select the most popular Plus plan at $4.45 for 36 months. However, for 24 months or 12 months, the price increases to $5.45 and $6.45 respectively. There are no three and six-month deals to choose from.

No free automatic backups

While they do offer backups, the backups are considered a courtesy. This means you can’t depend on your data to be backed up daily – so no guarantees here. You must set up and run your own backup via the cPanel and to your own local device.

Another bad feature here is that any data they back up within the past 30 days is overwritten. Their Terms clearly state that they will hold no responsibility for this.

In other words, you can only access the most recent backup they have, even if it’s not the one you need to restore your site.

Site Backup Pro is a paid add-on. It creates regular and automated backups of your site. But, it’s a premium feature you have to invest in.

‘Unlimited’ really means ‘limited’

The Plus, Prime, and Business Pro plans boast of their unlimited number of websites, and “unmetered” storage, email accounts, email storage, and subdomains given to clients.

However, their User Agreement, Clause 7 Usage Policies and Definitions explain otherwise. It’s only unlimited up to a certain level.

Their unlimited plan is comparable to most providers (i.e. Bluehost isn’t the only web host that promises “unlimited” web hosting).

Draconian CPU throttling / protection

They rolled this out in 2009 and had a few customers bewildered. You may not have heard of CPU throttling beforehand either. You can find your CPU throttling when you log into the cPanel.

Simply put, if they think your website is taking up too many resources, they might decide to preserve the server resources by freezing your CPU usage.

However, this isn’t unique to just this web host. In fact all shared web hosts restrict over-usage of resources.

No Windows hosting

They only offer Linux-based servers. In other words, you can’t get Windows hosting. This isn’t a huge concern as Linux is the most used and popular operating system for web servers.

But for those that prefer Windows hosting, this is a problem.

No uptime guarantee

They do not offer an uptime guarantee. When selecting a hosting provider, you want an uptime of as close to 100% as possible. They do not give you a guarantee, but their Network/Server Uptime Agreement states that “most issues are resolved in approximately 15 minutes”.

They average about a 99.94% uptime. This .05% outage means that over a full year your site is down for 4.4 hours. Overall, their uptime is reliable, but again, there is no guarantee that your site will be up and running most of the time.

Load times can be slow

Their load times are not always the fastest either. According to a Kissmetrics study, 47% of consumers believe a site should load in less than 2 seconds. And 40% of consumers will leave the site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

If your web host cannot provide you fast loading times, and you aren’t optimizing your website for speed and performance, you risk losing out on a lot of site traffic.

Up-selling is a business model

Their up-selling practices are designed to make you purchase them. In other words, there will be annoying popups and alerts appearing trying to convince you to buy more.

For example, they have up-sells to select before you check out and finish signing up with them. Also, there are install add-ons you’ll have to purchase that are normally are included with other hosting providers as built-in features.

Slow support response times

Although they do have 24/7 technical support, they aren’t always easily accessible. The response times can vary from ten minutes up to an hour. The initial response is auto generated in some instances.

slow support

The good news is that they have made significant investments in their support channel with an emphasis on customer experience and success. The support team’s voice support channel has grown customer satisfaction scores to a historic high at 4.86 (out of 5) for 2018.

Expensive renewal rates

Like other hosting companies, their introductory pricing is to lure customers in. It’s also quite misleading. So, when it’s time for renewal, you’ll be shocked to discover the pricing increases by nearly 90%!

If you decide to sign up you are better off signing up for a 24/36 month period on the discounted introductory pricing.

Free site migration is not included

If you’re looking to switch hosts keep in mind they do offer site migrations, however for a fee.

BlueHost Review : A Complete guide before buying

They will transfer up to 5 sites and 20 email accounts for the price of $149.99. Comparing this to other web hosting providers, this is a rip-off as most do not charge anything at all for migrating your site.

Bluehost Hosting Plans and Features

Bluehost offers a variety of hosting plans for all budgets and sizes. This includes shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, and more.

Let’s take a look at Bluehost hosting plans and their features.

  • Shared hosting: Shared hosting is the perfect way to start a new website with low traffic volume. In a shared hosting environment, your website shares server resources with other websites.
  • Cloud hosting: A more reliable upgrade to the shared hosting plan. It allows you to utilize multiple cloud servers, allowing your website to automatically switch to a different server in case of a hardware failure or high traffic.
  • WordPress hosting: A hosting package designed specifically for WordPress powered websites. It is optimized to run WordPress and can even protect your WordPress site against common threats.
  • WooCommerce hosting: WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, it allows you to easily start an online store with WordPress. WooCommerce hosting offers you all the essential features to kick start your ecommerce store.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting: An upgrade to shared WordPress hosting, VPS hosting allows you to virtual dedicated resources in a shared environment.
  • Dedicated server hosting: A dedicated server to for your website, means you will have all the resources of the server to yourself. The downside is that you will have to manage the server on your own.

All Bluehost hosting plans allow you to install WordPress with 1-click.

All plans come with an easy to use hosting control panel where you can manage your hosting, create databases, etc.

Breakdown of Bluehost’s Shared Hosting Plans

Bluehost offers a shared hosting package suitable for starter websites. Their shared plan is available in three different levels.

Bluehost shared hosting plans

Let’s take a look at what’s included in each plan.

  • Basic: The basic plan only allows you to host one website. It hosts one domain and 25 subdomains, 50GB storage, 5 email accounts of 100 MB storage for each account. For the first term you’ll pay $3.95 per month. When you renew the account, you’ll have to pay $7.99 per month.
  • Plus: The Plus plan includes unlimited websites with unlimited web space and bandwidth. You’ll also get unlimited email accounts. The price for the first term starts from $5.95 per month. When you renew the account, you’ll have to pay $10.99 per month.
  • Prime: The Prime plan includes all features of plus plan. You will also get domain privacy and SiteBackup Pro as extras worth over $80/year. Prime also has the same first term price of Plus, $5.45 per month. When renewing, you’ll have to pay $13.95 per month.

If you are just starting your website, then you can select any of these plans. You can easily upgrade your hosting plan as your website grows.

Is Bluehost easy to use?

Bluehost uses cPanel, which is so far one of the easiest hosting panels that I have come across. In 2020 they have revamped their dashboard to make it WordPress centric. You can still access cPanel from Bluehost Dashboard, but probably you may never have to use it with a newly advanced Bluehost dashboard.

Bluehost Dashboard

Just for info, most of the shared hosting companies use the standard cPanel, and you will not find it hard to use. In fact, cPanel makes managing your hosting account easier.  Also, Bluehost is one of very few shared Web hosting companies which will allow you to access SSH.

As I heard, BlueHost are going to constantly upgrade their infrastructure for WordPress. It also makes sense as WordPress is now powering over 27% of the websites in the world. Since Bluehost is now WordPress centric, we can expect superior services in coming months.

In-built caching feature:

Another cutting-edge feature of Bluehost is the inbuilt caching feature. With Bluehost hosting, you don’t need to use any 3rd party caching plugin like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. Also, depending on the kind of website that you have, you can configure the level of caching.

BlueHost Review : A Complete guide before buying
PlanTermRegular PriceSpecial Price
Basic plan12 months$8.99/mo$5.45/mo (39% off)
Basic plan24 months$8.49/mo$4.95/mo (41% off)
Basic plan36 months$7.99/mo$2.95/mo (50% off)
Plus plan12 months$12.99/mo$8.95/mo (31% off)
Plus plan24 months$11.99/mo$7.45/mo (37% off)
Plus plan36 months$10.99/mo$5.95/mo (45% off)
Prime plan12 months$16.99/mo$8.95/mo (47% off)
Prime plan24 months$15.99/mo$7.45/mo (53% off)
Prime plan36 months$14.99/mo$5.95/mo (60% off)
Business Pro plan12 months$25.99/mo$18.95/mo (27% off)
Business Pro plan24 months$24.99/mo$15.95/mo (36% off)
Business Pro plan36 months$23.99/mo$13.95/mo (41% off)


Additional Domain Names:$15.99 per year of registration
Dedicated IP Address:$5.99 per month
SSL Certificates:$49.99 per year
SpamExperts Mail Filtering:$2.99 a month per domain name
Whois Domain Privacy:$11.88 Domain Privacy per domain per year
SiteLock:$1.99 per month (Billed annually at $23.88 per year)
Site Backup and Restore Pro:$2.99 per month (Billed annually at $35.88 per year)
Expired Account Reactivations:$30.00
Search Engine Jumpstart:$2.99 per month (Billed annually at $35.88 per year)


Which plan should I get? That is what this section aims to help you find out …

So what are the differences between the Basic, Plus, Prime and Pro hosting packages? Here is a comparison of Basic vs. Plus plan, Plus vs. Prime plan, and Prime vs. Pro plan.

Bluehost Basic vs. Plus Review

Their Basic plan is their cheapest plan so it comes with the least resources and features The main difference between the Basic and Plus plan is that with the Basic plan you are only allowed to host one website, but with the Plus plan you can host unlimited websites. If you intend to run multiple websites then you should choose the Plus plan.

Another main difference between these two plans is the amount of web space you are allowed to store on the server. The Basic plan only comes with 50GB of disk space, whereas the Plus plan comes with unlimited space. 50GB is quite a lot of space and should be enough in most cases but if you store lots of images and videos then it can quickly add up.

Finally the number of email accounts and amount of email storage on the Basic plan is quite limited. Perhaps not so much the number of emails as most users never use more than 5 email addresses, but having only 100MB of email storage space is quite low and you can quickly run out of space.

You should consider choosing the Plus plan if:

  • You want to host unlimited websites on your hosting account
  • You want unlimited disk space instead of the 50GB that comes with the Basic plan
  • You need unlimited email accounts with unlimited email storage space
  • You want SpamExperts which is their spam protection tool

Bluehost Plus vs. Prime Review

There are very few differences between the Plus and Prime hosting packages. In fact there are only things that set these plans apart. That is with the Prime plan you get free domain privacy (also known as whois privacy) for your domain name, and the Prime plan also comes SiteBackup Pro which is their website backup and restore service.

If you are tossing up between these two plans then you are way better off choosing the Prime plan.

You should consider choosing the Prime plan if:

  • You want free domain name privacy, whois privacy
  • You want SiteBackup Pro which is their website backup and restore service

 Bluehost Prime vs. Pro Review

There are a couple of differences between the Prime and Pro hosting plan that are worth knowing about. The first one, and an important one if you intend to run an ecommerce or more resource-intense WordPress site is that sites on the Pro plan will be hosted on high-performance servers.

High-performance servers on the Pro plan has 80% fewer accounts per server which allows the use of more resources per account (more CPU usage, disk usage, bandwidth). It offers more speed, more power, with fewer users.

The Pro plan also gives you a dedicated IP address and a private (non-shared) SSL certificate.

bluehost pro plan

You should consider choosing the Pro plan if:

  • You want high performance servers (i.e. a fast loading website) and fewer users that share the server resources
  • You want a free dedicated IP address and a private (non-shared) SSL certificate

Help and Support

Bluehost ranks number one in our research for customer support, earning a perfect 5/5. It has a variety of support options, including live chat, email support tickets, and 24/7 phone support. One user rated Bluehost’s customer support as “top notch,” citing his own experiences with the live chat option:

“I’ve had a few issues caused mainly by my own errors, and they’ve always helped me rectify them. They’re easy to contact via live chat, and I genuinely don’t think I’ve had to wait more than ten minutes to chat to someone.”

bluehost support homepage

The company offers three different technical support numbers depending on your needs:

  • General enquiries
  • VPS and dedicated hosting
  • WordPress assistance

A nice thing about Bluehost’s website is that it offers instant answers right on the primary help page for some of the more common issues. Say, for example, you can’t figure out how to transfer your WordPress site from another host – you can click on that issue on the help page, then be shown multiple ways to solve your issue, including a help article, live chat, and the specific phone number you should call.

If you’re feeling especially tech-savvy, it’s worth trying to find the answer yourself on Bluehost’s support forums. It’s often quicker to do the research independently, and it will ultimately provide a better understanding of how a site works. We tested Bluehost’s live chat ourselves, and found that the instant responses actually were tailored to our specific questions, and didn’t skimp on quality.

bluehost live chat landing page

Is Expert Support Important to You?

We’ve used Bluehost support ourselves and found it to be quick, helpful, and easy to use. If you need a helping hand, Bluehost is there 24/7.

Yes! I Want to See Bluehost

Final Thoughts

In our overall hosting rankings, Bluehost comes in first, ahead of hosting heavyweights such as HostGator and GoDaddy. In individual categories, Bluehost ranks first for customer service, second for uptime, and second for value for money. It’s also the best hosting provider to manage a WordPress site with.

If seamless features are your top priority, then you may be better off with InMotion rather than Bluehost – as we’ve seen, Bluehost’s extras and additional costs can be confusing. 

Our conclusion? It all depends on your site goals – but if you’re looking for affordability and reliability, Bluehost is a solid provider.